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From the very beginning the one thing that made Panter machines stand out was the revolutionary direct motor. The direct drive system has been developed and engineered entirely by the company since 1999.

This device is intended to control the weaving machine directly without any brake clutch. This allows the motor to reach maximum speed in one single revolution as well.

This means that starts and stops are repetitive, constant and controlled, which is absolutely necessary for maximum quality without any sign of stoppages.

Moreover the electronic control of the motor will enable the operator to select the speed rate, to achieve various speeds according to a pre-established pattern to limit overload peaks, to cut down electric consumption from 40% to 15% and to reduce the mechanical stress of drives even up to 50% providing maximum reliability and low maintenance. The system considerably simplifies the operators work and makes it more comfortable. An interface allows the operator to program the direct motor in order to customize loom operations according to the weaver's needs.

Technical Specification


Negative Raiper Panter E58   /   Positive Rapier E58P

Weft transfer :

Normal negative   /  Twin Clamping negative   /  Positive

Power Used:

from KW 4.2 to 6.3

Nominal width (cm):

190, 210, 230, 240, 260, 280, 300, 320, 340, 360, 380

Width reduction(cm):

Symmetric 60  / 100  /  130   Asymmetric also possible

Type of yarn:

Natural fibre yarns from 5 to 1000 Tex
Synthetic yarns from 10 to 4000 dtex

Let-off and Take up:

With an independent motor; electronically controlled by a microprocessor
ON-LOOM  Take up  upto 650mm diameter, OFF-LOOM Take up is also available as optional.


Up to 1300 mtr. weft per minute, on optimal weaving conditions

Number of colours:

Up to twelve, in any succession.  
Automatic package change over, without weaver's intervention
Parallel weft insertion (optional)


Simple beam - maximum diameter of flanges upto 1000 mm
Twin beam - maximum diameter of flanges upto 1000 mm
Lower double beam - maximum diameter of flanges upto 1000 mm
Upper top beam - maximum diameter of flanges up to 1000 mm

Weft density:

Standard version - 5 to 200 per cm / 13 to 508 per inch

Special version -

2 to 100 per cm / 5 to 250 per inch

Shedding machines:

Staubli Rotary Electronic Dobby up to 20 heald frames;
Electronic Jacquard (all models)


With conjugated cams.

Yarn control:

Weft:    by means of a piezo-electronic sensor
Warp:   electric or electronic warp stop motion with 6 or 8 rows.


Horizontal creels with reel diameters 240 or 320 mm upto 8 colours other executions upon request


Sley and tape control in oil bath, replacement required after 15,000 hours, everything with one single type of oil.


Beam control, weft colour selector and rods, monthly greasing, everything with one single type of grease.


Motor-driven, thermal and mechanical cut; lateral and central tuck-in devices; 2-thread Leno system by means of an independent mechanical or motorized device.


Double roller with a control by means of a load cell or


‘Jumbo’ special version for heavy or technical fabrics.

Temple :

Temples with Cylinders, Full width Temple 


Multi-axle and multi-processor system that can communicate by CANBUS and Serial Connection with the different Internal and External Devices.


Many options are available for Multiplicity of weaving applications, refer to our Sales Personnel.

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